The Temple Parks & Trails Plan is a long-range master plan that focuses on improvements and expansion of Temple’s parks and trails network. Today, more cities are realizing the multitude of community benefits being provided by parks, trails, and open spaces including improvements to environmental, social, economic community features, and overall community health. This plan will assess the existing conditions of Temple’s parks and trails system and the city’s need for recreation and open space in the future.

In 2018, the Temple City Council chose to partner with Halff Associates, Inc. to combine the efforts of a city-wide trails plan and parks master plan. This combined parks and trails plan will include a series of recommendations that will provide guidance to the City and prepare for future population growth and continue the strong reputation Temple has for great park spaces. This plan will be prepared in accordance to guidance set out by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) for park master plans, which positions the City to receive grant funding for improvements.

Temple Parks and Trail Plan Chapter Draft

The following are links to draft chapters of the Temple Parks and Trails Plan which area available for your review. Please feel free to read the following available chapters and provide feedback. Please note that these are drafts and do not represent the final product.

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Please feel free to contact the City of Temple Parks and Recreation Department in order to receive more information about the Parks and Trails Plan. The button below will direct you to the Temple Parks and Recreation website for contact information.